Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trends in education and sustainability

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What are the trends in education? A good place to start your explorations is the 2013 Horizon report, a resource which has become internationally recognised as the voice of the future in education.  Also refer to a report prepared by the Open University Innovating Pedagogy. Please be guided by the resources and activities on the course wiki under the topic called Trends.

You will also be exploring the meaning of sustainability for your teaching practice and for your learners. This includes thinking about the 'greening' of education, and how to create a lot out with the smallest possible a footprint. Sustainable approaches influence student and teacher workloads and are strongly linked to open education resources (OER) and practices (OEP). You need to figure out how you can be a more sustainable educator. It is also about using teaching approaches that support effective pedagogy and action competence: Co-operative learning, Inquiry learning, Experiential learning and Reflection. Some principles are general to all teachers (e.g., workloads and definitions of OER) and others will be specific to your context (e.g., embedding principles of sustainability specific to your discipline, and using open resources).  Read more on the course wiki.

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